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Aérotrain, high speed rail and nuclear technology: the lessons of Jean Bertin

Par Karel Vereycken, founder Agora Erasmus

A truth that has determined the fate of many civilizations now catches France. It is the simple universal physical principle that makes that any society or person, that doesn’t progress, lags behind.

While French president Nicolas Sarkozy can be proud of the sale of French EPR nuclear power equipment [...]

Connaitre son adversaire

Leopold Kohr’s European blueprint for a fascist world government

A map of Europe designed by Wesselink at the request of beer magnate Freddy Heineken breaking up Europe into a myriad of micro-states of about 5 million.


By Karel Vereycken, founder Agora Erasmus



If I would tell you: there exists a fascist conspiracy to wipe France and Germany of the map, [...]

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Shocked Into Reality: Europeans Find Themselves Caught in US Nuclear Trap

Article appeared on Sept. 24, 2015 on Sputnik International

24.09.2015 Ekaterina Blinova Washington’s plan to modernize NATO’s nuclear arsenal in Germany has triggered a heated debate across Europe and prompted concerns in Moscow; if the information is confirmed it would « shock Europe into reality, » French journalist and founder of Agora Erasmus political organization Karel [...]

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Grexit is key part of Schäuble’s strategy to impose a European superstate


By Karel Vereycken, founder of Agora Erasmus.

It has now been demonstrated that, in reality, German finance minister Schäuble, never intended to openheartedly negotiate with Greece. His not so secret real aim is to use the current crisis to see his plan for a supranational dictatorship implemented.

After five months of theater and [...]